W9S Photos

Thank you for all who contacted us during the event! Cards have arrived at W9S QSL Manager Marty Schuette, N9EAT’s QTH and are ready to be sent out. So far as of September 22nd, cards have been sent to N5COT, W5RRR, AA9F, N2PPL, N8HM, WA9FET, WA9LEY, and WB8FSV. If you want a card, please QSL via N9EAT, preferably with a SASE. Any cards sent to the club station rather than to Marty will be answered sometime next week.

A full summary of the event, including grid square maps, will be posted next week after finalizing all of our logs; for now, here are some photos taken at the event.

QSL card for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Special Event Station, W9S. Photo by Steve Buhman, University Communications, SIU

Club Trustee, David Williams, K9UH. Jonathan Rosner, shown behind him, is busy operating 80m CW. Photo by Joy Rosner

Dr. Jonathan Rosner of the University of Chicago, WO9S, our CW op for 160/80/40/10m. Photo taken by his XYL, Joy Rosner. Jon was the one who inspired us to put on the event.

20m SSB/FT8, 15M FT8, Satellite Op Marty Schuette ’16, N9EAT prepares to work a pass of satellite SO-50. Photo by Joy Rosner

Our op for 40m SSB and PSK31, Michael Kelsch, WO9J, an SIU alumnus. Photo by Joy Rosner.

This photo of the moon’s departure from eclipsing the sun is featured on the reverse side of our QSL Card. Photo by Joy Rosner.

Special Event Station: W9S

We will be operating as Special Event Station W9S during the Total Solar Eclipse QSO Party on August 21st, 2017 from 1400Z – 2200Z / 9am CDT – 5pm CDT. Operations before and after the event may occur as well. We will be operating on 160m CW (around 1.810 MHz), and on all modes, 80m-10m (excluding WARC bands), at operator’s discretion. We will also operate on a few passes of amateur satellites FO-29, SO-50, AO-85, and perhaps AO-7. Operations on the 6m band may also occur if promising openings appear. As time allows, simplex contacts may also occur on 2m FM or SSB. We will QSL via Logbook of the World as well as with special QSL cards. Please send paper QSL requests to our special event QSL manager, N9EAT.

Any radio amateur that will be in Carbondale who would like to stop by, please feel free to do so. If you wish to operate, try to let us know ahead of time by emailing us at w9uih@arrl.net. For more information on events in Carbondale for the Solar Eclipse, please visit eclipse.siu.edu.

73 de W9UIH