What is Amateur Radio?

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What is Amateur Radio?

There are bands in the radio frequency spectrum left unused from the general public. Television signals, cellphones, and radio stations all require a band, or a group of frequencies on which to operate. Amateur, or “Ham” radio, is designed to take advantage of those otherwise unused frequencies and allow licensed individuals to use them for their personal, non commercial use.

The Federal Communcations Commission is responsible for issuing licenses and regulating the operation of Amateur Radio stations. A fundamental purpose of the Amateur Radio service is to educate the public about radio technology.

Getting Your License

To obtain your first Amateur Radio license, you would first begin by studying a bank of 350 questions corresponding to the “Technician” license class. The actual test consists of 35 questions, randomly selected, from the question pool. After completing and passing the test with at least 26 of the 35 questions correct, you could be operating on the airwaves in just a few days! (The paperwork to process the license grant does take a few days, but some hams have reported that after as little as 24-48 hours after passing the test, they were on the air.)

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